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The iCWeekly Network hosts Live shows about the goings on around the internet, with a focus on music; how its made and why we make it. The iCWeekly Network is home to MUGshot, Geo's Live, Ruby Tuesday, iCNick@Nite, Unscripted Audio and iCWeekly shows, created around and supporting the independent musician. We, at the iCWeekly Network, hope you enjoy the shows and encourage you to get in touch with us if you have any questions, concerns or show ideas. If you would like to have your show included in the iCWeekly Network let us know.

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iCWeekly Episode 200: Happy Trails

This is how it ends. We discuss Java and Flash vulnerabilities, Lindsay Lohan and possible jail time, Justin Bieber's worst birthday, iTunes U, Soda Bans and our FREE software picks. 

iCWeekly Episode 199: One More For The Road

This week we talk about celebrity deaths, companies being hacked, the Songwriter's Hall of Fame, Ron Jeremy's recovery and much more. We also discuss the end of iCWeekly, along with our free software pick... 

iCWeekly Episode 198: Staying Off Facebook

Meteors fall everywhere! The Pope resigns. Facebook breaks the Net!. 3D Printed Organs. Monty Python gets together to make a new movie. All this and more, along with our FREE software picks!... 

iCWeekly Episode 197: A Third Less Fat

iPhone Tips, Stupid High School Rules, Nanny State Rules, Crashing OSX, What now has 17 million digits? and more, along with our FREE Software pick. Check out this weeks iCWeekly, with 1/3rd less fat... 

iCWeekly Episode 196: Please Return The Toilet Paper

DNA Storage, Istagram wants Your ID, No Toilet Paper for You!, Swedish Police Bust Up The Game, Boyz 2 Komrades and our FREE software picks are all in this weeks iCWeekly. 

iCWeekly Episode 195: Three Desperate White Guys

You're paying more when you use your credit card. The price of Windows 8 may be going up. Paper guns will get you in trouble in Philadelphia and Lego is racist. All this with our FREE software picks... 

iCWeekly Episode 194: Toms Knob's Broke

Foul mouthed super computers, IK Multimedia on Android, Fish torture, the Galactic Empire responds to the US and Apple wants to expand Siri. All this and more, along with our Free software picks, on this weeks iCWeekly... 

iCWeekly Episode 193: Alpha Monkeys

Why do fingers wrinkle in water? Can you clap with only one arm? What's better than Ladies Night? David Bowie rumors started here and much more, along with our FREE software picks. This week on iCWeekly. 

iCWeekly Episode 192: Drunk From Solid Gold Mug

What color mug is best for Hot Chocolate? Do you care who knows what you're watching? Don't Drink and Facebook. The reason we blink and on-line hit squads! All this and our FREE software picks. 

iCWeekly Episode 191: There Is No Try

Poke and Snapchat not secure? Really? Who knew? Zuck's sister did! A Comet comes in 2013. It was a Klingon Christmas and our free software picks. Join us for iCWeekly. 

iCWeekly Episode 190: Old Poke's Home

This week it's all about Instagram and Facebook. Well, not all, but most. We also talk about Google Music and have a wide assortment of FREE software picks for the holidays. Check out this weeks iCWeekly. 

iCWeekly Episode 189: It Sucks Great

Lindsay Lohan is still in the news and possibly heading to jail, or not. Brain cells made from urnine? Video of Dogs driving cars and a package for Indiana Jones, along with our FREE software picks. 

iCWeekly Episode 188: Dogs In Space!

Dogs learning to drive, F-Bombs for service, Midi Jitters, Bearded Ladies and much more on this episode of iCWeekly. We, also, have our free software picks. Check out this weeks broadcast. 

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